Welcome to the HCC Contract Register

The HCC Contract Register contains all contracts with a value of £5,000 and above. It is a requirement of contract regulations that all contracts over £5k are entered into the register. This is to satisfy the Governments transparency code 2014. Contracts for consultancy must also be entered into the contract register whatever the value to enable the answering of Freedom of Information requests.

Everyone (including the public and suppliers) can see basic information on the contracts. Please use the Browse button on the left, to view the contracts by type, or to search on contract description click on Contract then search. For tips on searching see the Help section below.

If you would like to see more information (such as the contract manager) or if you need to update the contract register you will need a user ID (which is your full email address). Please apply via the Contract Register access form below.

If you need to be named on the register as the Contract Manager, Contracting Officer or Contract Authorised Officer this too is applied for via the access form.

Contract Register Access Form

Advice on the rules governing contracting & the definitions of who can be a named officer in the Contract Register please click here.

If you require further guidance, please see the Contract Register Guidance Note here.


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