Hertfordshire Dementia Strategy 2020-25


This consultation opened on 13 March 2020

This consultation closed on 04 June 2020


We have suspended the consultation during the covid-19 period and will review later in the year

Hertfordshire County Council, East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group are developing Hertfordshire’s Dementia Strategy for 2020-2025. The strategy is being co-produced with the support of carers and individuals with dementia, and our statutory, voluntary, and independent sector partners, and will be signed off in 2020 by the county council and the two clinical commissioning groups.

We wanted to ensure that the voices of people with dementia, and their carers, shape how we use our resources most effectively to enable good quality of life for people with dementia, and to ensure that our services and communities are accessible to everyone.

We wanted to know what you think is important in ensuring that people with dementia and their carers receive the right support.

How will my response be used in the strategy?

All responses to this consultation are anonymous. The survey responses will be analysed to understand things that are generally working well for people at the moment, and things that need to be improved. As well as this survey, Alzheimer’s Society and Carers in Herts have interviewed people they support to find out what is important to them. Also, we are consulting clinical experts and providers of services to get their input. This will ensure that the strategy is achievable and helps deliver the services people actually need.

What difference does the dementia strategy make?

The strategy will set out the broad priorities for social care and health services in Hertfordshire, based on what people say is most important to them. That might include improving the dementia diagnosis process, or making crisis support more easily accessible to people. The delivery of the strategy will be monitored by the Hertfordshire Dementia Co-production board. This is a group of service users, carers, and a range of professionals from health, social care and the voluntary sector. This group is able to influence the commissioning and delivery of a wide range of services that support people with dementia and their carers.

What is the decision making procedure?

The strategy will be signed off by the boards of Hertfordshire County Council and the Clinical Commissioning Groups. That means that leaders of both Social Care and Health services will commit to delivering it. Although the Hertfordshire Dementia Strategy will not be a set of costed proposals for the development of services, it will work closely with the dementia programme boards in Hertfordshire’s Clinical Commissioning Groups and with Hertfordshire County Council’s Adult Care Board, to ensure that service users and carers have a strong voice in deciding how resources are used to improve people’s quality of life.