Children's Centre - Closed

This consultation is closed.


There are currently 82 centres in the county which are run by a range of lead agencies including schools, district councils, leisure providers, local and national private and voluntary organisations.

Hertfordshire’s Children’s Centre programme is operating well, but we know it could be even better. Our contracts are due for renewal and like services across the county council and the public sector, savings need to be found across central and direct costs in the children’s centre budget.

Why we're asking

We have developed a set of proposals for the children’s centre programme after 2015, with three major elements:

  •  retaining all 82 of Hertfordshire’s Children’s Centres
  •  grouping children’s centres together
  •  increasing the integration between services delivered through children’s centres and those delivered by local health teams and schools.

Our proposals of grouping centres together would help to improve our programme. Grouping would mean that several centres operate under a single lead agency and share management and administration. However each children’s centre would still retain its identify and service delivery.

As a result of grouping:

  • The lead agencies which run our centres would be able to make savings by reducing spending on managerial arrangements rather than on service provision.
  • Some services will be more cost effective because they will be offered to more people across a wider area.

The changes that were proposed would not impact significantly on the range of services offered locally. We believe they will make the Hertfordshire Children’s Centre programme an even more effective service for families across the county, but we wanted your feedback.