Local Flood Risk Management Strategy - Closed

This consultation closed on 30 September 2016

This consultation closed on 30 September 2016

We wil let you have a response once we have looked at the feedback

We were in the early stages of reviewing the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for the period 2017 – 2027. 

As Lead Local Flood Authority, Hertfordshire County Council, has a statutory duty to 'develop, maintain, apply and monitor' a local Flood Risk Management Strategy for the County. This strategy is the means by which the county council will aim to discharge its general duty to provide leadership in managing local flood risk (from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses) and helps to provide a focal point for identifying and promoting a range of flood risk related actions across Hertfordshire.

Why We Were Consulting

This Issues and Options Consultation sets out the key issues about which the county council would like to get views from key stakeholders and the residents of Hertfordshire. These issues will then be fed into the development of policies, procedures and operational programmes that will be included in this second strategy for Hertfordshire.

The responses received during the Issues and Options consultation will be used to develop the first draft of the updated strategy. There will be further public consultation, on this draft, before the council adopts the final version of the strategy for the period 2017 – 2027.


  • The following timetable is being adopted for the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Review:
  • Issues and options consultation - July to end of September 2016
  • First draft of strategy - Late 2016/early 2017
  • Consultation on draft strategy - Second quarter 2017 
  • Adoption of strategy by the council - Fourth quarter 2017