Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy

This public engagement  is open from 02 November 2020

This public engagement closes on 24 January 2021

Any responses will be published here.

We invite your views on climate change and sustainability in Hertfordshire. Here is a summary of the County Council's ambitions. Further details can be found via the survey.

The county council’s ambitions for leading in our own operations are:

  • Carbon neutral for our own operations by 2030
  • All operations and services are ready for future climates
  • Improve biodiversity on our land by 20% by 2030
  • Reduce what we throw away. Send nothing to landfill by 2030

The county council’s ambitions for enabling and inspiring a sustainable county are:

  • Net zero greenhouse gas county before 2050
  • Our communities are ready for future climates
  • Improve wildlife in our land and water by 20% by 2050
  • Clean air for all by 2030
  • Increase resource efficiency threefold in the County by 2050

Supporting documents

Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy (PDF, 2.7MB)