Sexual Health Strategy Consultation 2019-24

This consultation is open from 15 April 2019.

This consultation closed on 26 April 2019.

Any responses will be published here.

Hertfordshire County Council has a statutory responsibility to promote good sexual health and provide sexual health services. This includes encouraging safer sex, testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV, providing contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancy and advice and support on sexual health matters. The Hertfordshire Sexual Health Strategy 2019 – 2024 will state the Councils intent for sexual health provision over the next 5 years, building on evidence and incorporating new technologies and cost-effective delivery models. 

This consultation asked 8 questions designed to seek your views on a series of actions that underpin our three ambitions to improve Hertfordshire residents sexual health.  The responses to this consultation will be used to consider what further changes need to be made to the strategy before we draft the new version.

We invited your views on the Hertfordshire County Council Sexual Health Strategy 2019-24.

Supporting Documents