Consultation on the enlargement and relocation of Westfield Community Primary School, Hoddesdon

This consultation opened 10 January 2018.

This consultation closed 27 February 2018.

This consultation is specifically in relation to a proposal for Westfield Community Primary School and its potential relocation and enlargement to a site on the High Leighs development. Another consultation is taking place to redevelop the current Westfield Community Primary School site.

Consultation on the redevelopment of Westfield Community Primary School, Hoddesdon 

What is the proposal?

We invited your views on the enlargement and relocation of Westfield Community Primary School, Westfield Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 8RA by 30 places (1 form of entry) from September 2020 (or at a later date, depending on the timing of the housing development).

Read the Westfield Community Primary School consultation letter for more information.

Why is it proposed to enlarge and relocate the school?

A new 1 form entry school is required to meet demand for primary school places from the planned new High Leigh housing development; however, the county council has a preference for primary schools of at least 2 forms of entry because it considers that they are financially and educationally more viable in the longer term.

As the proposed development is so close to Westfield Community Primary School (less than 0.5 miles), an option for us to acquire additional land sufficient to accommodate a 2 form entry school has been secured to provide the opportunity to consider the enlargement and relocation of the school. That way we avoid providing 2 smaller primary schools within close proximity to each other.

What happens after the consultation?

Councillors will be presented with the results from the consultation on 18 June for review. We will update you when we have a date to expect the final decision by. All responses may be made available in public reports, although personal details will be removed to respect individual privacy.