Permanent expansion of St Peter's Primary School, Cottonmill Lane, St Albans Consultation

This consultation opened on 18 September 2018

This consultation closed on 2 October 2018

We invited your views on the permanant expansion of St Peter's Primary School as part of the Primary School Expansion Programme

Prior to us making a formal planning application we are seeking the views of local residents and other local interested parties on a proposal to permanently enlarge St Peter’s School in St Albans to accommodate an intake of 60 children per year rather than the current intake of 30 children per year. The expansion would require adding a two-storey classroom building to the rear of the existing school building, as well as the creation of new parking spaces on the school grounds and alterations to the outdoor play areas.

The planning application is due to be submitted to the County Planning Authority later this year and local residents will be consulted on the planning application as part of the process of determining the application. If you have any comments on the proposal which you would like to make before the planning application is made please email

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