Proposed redevelopment of Westfield Community Primary School site, Westfield Road, Hoddesdon

This consultation is open from 22 February 2018

This consultation closes on 1 March 2018

This consultation is specifically in relation to a proposal to redevelop the current Westfield Community Primary School site. Another consultation is taking place regarding the future of Westfield Community Primary School and its potential relocation and expansion to a site on the High Leighs development. 

What is the proposal?

Prior to us making a formal planning application we are seeking the views of local residents and other local interested parties on a proposal to redevelop the Westfield Community Primary School site, should the school relocate from its current location to a new site in the High Leigh development, approximately half a mile to the west. Consultation on the school relocation and a public exhibition  took place last month and we are now seeking residents views on the proposed site redevelopment.

A planning application is being prepared for the redevelopment of the school site alongside one for the relocation of the school, and it is anticipated that these will be submitted later this year. Local residents will be consulted on the planning applications as part of the process of determining them. 

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