Hertfordshire Transport Vision 2050


This consultation closed at midnight on 14th December 2016.

This consultation closed at midnight on 14th December 2016.

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Consultation report

There is a 2000 character limit for text box answers in this consultation.

For further information regarding this consultation, or to submit an extended response via email, please contact LTP@hertfordshire.gov.uk

There is also an easy read version of the consultation. Please return it to Transport Policy and Growth, CHN 216, Hertfordshire County Council, County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 8DN.


Why we're consulting

We want to hear your views on the future of transport in our county, in advance of preparing our full strategy in 2017. This strategy - called the Local Transport Plan or LTP - will set out our objectives and approach for improving transport in Hertfordshire.  At this stage we are consulting on some of the possible content of this strategy, which includes some new policy options and major schemes. This will help define the 'big picture' direction of travel and transport in Hertfordshire.  Following this consultation in 2017 the full strategy will be developed and then consulted on.


"Hertfordshire County Council is planning how our transport system should develop over the next 35 years so that Hertfordshire can continue to prosper as our population and economy grow. 

By 2050 forecasts predict that the population of Hertfordshire will have grown by around 400,000 to over 1.5m, having a huge impact on congestion and journey times, particularly during peak travel periods. 

That is why Hertfordshire County Council is developing a new long-term transport strategy that sets out how we can manage this extra strain on our transport networks. This strategy will provide a framework to guide all our future transport planning and investment. Our goal is for Hertfordshire to remain an attractive place to live and work in. The agreed strategy will be in a new Local Transport Plan for Hertfordshire (LTP4).

The LTP requires that we highlight problems in our current transport network, identify major transport schemes required and consider a wide range of options to help support future growth. At this stage our proposals include enhancing walking and cycling provision; better public transport between towns; technology to better manage traffic on our key routes; and embracing modern technology to facilitate more shared transport schemes such as lift-share and car clubs. We also propose some additional highway capacity on the most congested parts of the network, where conditions would otherwise deteriorate due to the forecast population and traffic growth. However we cannot simply build our way out of trouble, and we must consider ways of reducing the ever increasing demand for road space.   

This paper sets out our ideas, but before we come to any conclusions on what to include in our plan we'd like to hear the views of people in Hertfordshire. This consultation asks for your views on the challenges we face, the ideas we have identified for the future of transport in Hertfordshire and the strategies to meet those proposed objectives.

I hope that you will make your voice heard and join in the conversation by reading this document and responding to the consultation questions."

Derrick Ashley

Cabinet Member for Transport


Strategic Impact Assessments In addition to the Transport Vision 2050 consultation report, we are also inviting comments on the following strategic impact assessments of the LTP proposals. Please send these to LTP@hertfordshire.gov.uk 

Habitats Regulations Assessments Report

Equality Impact Assessment 

Strategic Environment Assessment


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