Local Transport Plan (LTP4) consultation

This consultation was open from 31 October 2017

This consultation closed on 23 January 2018

We invited your views to introduce a Local Transport Plan (LTP4) for Hertfordshire. See the published plan on our Transport planning page.

By 2031 there will be 175,000 more people living in Hertfordshire using the transport system. With more people also travelling to and through the county, there will be a huge impact on congestion and journey times, particularly during peak travel periods.

We consulted on a new long-term transport strategy that sets out how we can manage this extra strain.

This new Local Transport Plan Strategy (LTP4) will provide a framework to guide all our future transport planning and investment. It highlights transport problems and issues and identifies ways we can deal with them. 

We invited your views on this draft Local Transport Plan which will help define the ‘big picture’ direction of travel and transport in Hertfordshire.  

We invited comments on the following elements of the Local Transport Plan:

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Habitats Regulation Assessment
  • Equalities Impact Assessment.

All comments will be considered with the Local Transport Plan due to be adopted in Spring 2018. 

Supporting documents