Shenley Lane - Speed Compliance - Closed

This consultation has closed.


Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) has been working on proposals to encourage lower vehicle speeds on Shenley Lane in London Colney, with this location being identified as having a speed compliance issue based on speed survey data. We are writing to seek your opinion on the current proposals.

Following an investigation and production of a feasibility report a number of proposals were identified to address speed compliance within the 30mph area of Shenley Lane between the roundabout junction with Napsbury Avenue and the Entry gate at the start of the 30mph zone. This assessment was undertaken in accordance with the HCC Speed Management Strategy.

The following measures are proposed for implementation in the 2017/18 financial year:

  • A series of speed cushions to reduce speeds within this section of Shenley Lane
  • Resurface the carriageway from the roundabout to the 30mph roundel adjacent to Broadlakes
  • Refreshing all existing road markings and introduce new Dragons Teeth road markings at the Entry Gate to Shenley Lane
  • Upgrade the street lighting to LED lights
  • Install a new footway and bus stop where the current verge with footpath is outside South Farm Cottages
  • All road signs to be cleaned or replaced as necessary, all unneeded street clutter to be removed.