Find out more about transport and accident data, including how to request data, annual reports and factsheets.

Traffic and transport data reports

Find out the latest information about what transport is available.

Traffic and transport data report 2016 (PDF)

Accidents by parish - 2018 (MS Excel 22KB)

Accidents by district - 2018 (MS Excel 16KB)


Traffic and accidents data requests

The road traffic and road accident databases are the sources of all traffic and accident data across Hertfordshire. Data from these databases can be accessed through a data request.

We do place some restrictions on what data can be accessed from the road accidents database.

Charges may apply to both of these requests of information.

For enquires about traffic data:

Call 01992 658339

or send us an email.

For enquires about accident data:

Call 01992 658338

or send us an email.

For more detailed information please contact our highways team:

Call 01992 658339

Accident and transport factsheets

For summaries of the latest information about accidents and transport in Hertfordshire.


Casualty factsheet 2018 (based on 2017 data) (PDF)

Transport factsheet 2016 (based on 2015 data) (PDF)

Hertfordshire county travel survey

The survey tracks the travel behaviour of a large sample of residents in Hertfordshire. A summary of the findings of the survey has been produced.

Hertfordshire 2015 travel survey final report (PDF)