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Hertfordshire County Council

This is our vision for Hertfordshire. These are our key priorities and how we plan to make them happen.

We want Hertfordshire to continue to be a county where people have the opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling lives in thriving, prosperous communities.

We've got 4 ambitions:

A cleaner, greener county with children and adults given the support they need.

Successful businesses, with plenty of job and education opportunities.

Healthier lifestyles, tailored social care and less crime.

More volunteers and residents getting involved with their community.


Opportunity to Thrive

  • A cleaner and greener county

  • More recycling and re-use

  • Children and families getting the personalised help they need

  • Good school places for every child

  • People are able to take responsibility for themselves and their families.

Opportunity to be Healthy and Safe

  • Joined up health and social care services

  • Effective procedures to respond to emergencies

  • Healthier lifestyles encouraged through healthy eating, stop smoking and substance abuse support

  • More people supported to live independently

  • People who need care able to choose and control it.

How we're going to achieve this vision

To achieve our ambition, we'll work in a way that:

  • is open, honest and ethical

  • identifies and addresses issues early

  • values diversity, addresses inequality and supports the most vulnerable

  • encourages commercial thinking and embraces digital opportunities to deliver services even more innovatively.