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Hertfordshire County Council

Digital Strategy 2017-2021

How we design services around the customer, using technology, to make things better and save money.

What is perhaps unique about Smart Digital is, it's as much about what's possible as delivering incremental improvements and change.

Focus on the customer is fundamental, whilst delivering improvements, efficiencies and savings.



Digital ambition

Our digital ambition is to make the best use of the opportunities offered by the ever-changing world of technology. We'll take advantage of new tools and techniques to design and develop services focused on the customer that will address council pressures.  We'll:

  • develop innovative digital services
  • continuously improve services, using data and intelligence to improve outcomes
  • simplify our internal processes, driving efficiency at every opportunity
  • re-imagine the customer experience.


4 digital themes

In this strategy we set out our vision for the next few years, taking us to 2021, with 4 key themes.

From front-end to back-office – customer focused services that deliver business objectives and save money.

Maximise productivity and collaboration, inform decisions, ask customers once and ensure data protection.

Staff who are creative and innovative, delivering user focused services and manage / lead agile change.

Supporting our residents to become digital citizens.



Vision beyond 2021

This Smart Digital Strategy highlights what we aim to achieve by 2021.  However, transformation is a continuous process and we need to continue to innovate beyond then.

It's difficult to predict how digital will develop, how Hertfordshire will change in 3 years’ time, let alone 10. But rather than thinking about how we adopt specific technologies, we'll take action now to become more adaptable to change and respond quickly to rapidly changing circumstances.

We'll work internally and with digital partners to make best use of emerging new technologies. We aspire to demonstrate that local authorities can deliver cutting edge digital services to their citizens.

We'll focus on the needs of the customer and continue to be ambitious and lead innovation to achieve our goals.



Hertfordshire County Council's Smart Digital themes - Staff, Citizens, Applications and Services.