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Hertfordshire County Council

We want to create innovative workplaces for staff and embed digital across the organisation.

The challenge now is to upskill staff, provide them with the right technology, and attract and retain digital specialists who will lead the way on innovation.

To do this we must:

  • change staff views on our technology offer so it's seen as a key enabler in supporting them to deliver their role successfully
  • deliver a culture of digital first and constant improvement where staff feel confident to innovate, explore and trial digital solutions
  • provide applications and systems that are intuitive, resilient and enable staff to focus their time on delivering their service objectives
  • engage staff (as the customer) in the design and development of solutions and processes
  • train and upskill staff to make the most of available technology, supporting them as Smart Workers
  • create digital leaders across the organisation with a mindset that is forward thinking, innovative, customer-focused and agile.

By 2021 we will:

  • create a staff digital skills portal for staff. Embed digital into all key workplace learning
  • provide a process to capture staff development needs and support change with user research and comprehensive training resources
  • ensure all our graduate management trainees are digital advocates and there's an increase of digital apprentices
  • provide staff with the correct equipment for their roles
  • continuously improve tools to increase efficiency, save money and improve productivity
  • make better use of analytics to support the effective management of employees and teams
  • provide the right data and insight to support prediction, prevention and target resources
  • ensure that all systems, processes and tools that are developed for staff are designed are tested throughout, with staff input
  • regularly communicate with staff on digital developments, achieve high engagement and feedback levels from staff across the organisation.