Hertfordshire Compact

Hertfordshire County Council has agreed to abide by the principles and undertakings of the Hertfordshire Compact and would encourage all voluntary and community sector and statutory organisation to sign up to this agreement too.

The Hertfordshire Compact (PDF 1.13MB) opening in a new window is a written understanding between the voluntary and community sector and statutory sectors about how they will co-operate and continue to develop positive working relationships for the benefit of Hertfordshire’s communities.

Read the easy read Hertfordshire Compact (PDF 564.7kb) Opening in a new window

The purpose of the Compact is to build on existing partnerships, develop a range of shared principles and undertakings and develop the relationship between the voluntary and community sector and statutory sectors through mutual respect and trust. Values, undertakings and standards are set out in order to strengthen relationships and clarify expectations between partners or stakeholders. This helps organisations to play to their strengths, optimise resources, standardise practice, improve accountability and provide better working experiences.

This agreement reflects the Hertfordshire Voluntary Sector Commissioning strategy (PDF 2.15mb)Opening in a new window and will operate in conjunction with the Procurement regulations of all the statutory organisations involved. Although this Compact is not legally binding, the intention is that it should be followed to promote good quality working relationships between voluntary and community sector organisations and statutory organisations across Hertfordshire.

If you think that an organisation has broken the commitments made through the Hertfordshire Compact, or if you think an organisation is not meeting the requirements of the Compact, follow the dispute resolution process (PDF 126kb) Opening a new window.

The Compact agreement was developed by the Hertfordshire Compact steering group, a multi-agency group including representation from a number of Hertfordshire’s statutory and voluntary and community sector agencies.

In 2016, following the launch of the refreshed Compact, the group was renamed Hertfordshire Compact Partnership Group. In 2018, the group decided to move to a forum approach, and stopped the patnership meetings. 

Connect Hertfordshire has been tasked with organising the Compact forums, involving a much wider set of people from both the voluntary and statutory sectors. The Compact forum is open to everyone interested in the Compact way of working, and is a place for everyone to discuss ideas, seek advice and share good practice and stories of success relating to their experiences.

To date over 40 organisations (PDF 468.12kb) Opening in a new window have officially signed up. If your organisation wishes to sign up to the Compact and officially adopt the obligations, please follow these guidelines (PDF 182 kb). Opening in a new window.

If your organisation is a business or other profit-making organisation you are not able to sign up to the Hertfordshire Compact however we would welcome your support as a Friend of Compact. Please follow the same guidelines above to demonstrate commitment to the principles and you will be invited to participate in Compact events.

If you require any further information about the Hertfordshire Compact or to see it in a different format, please contact corporate.policyteam@hertfordshire.gov.uk.