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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire is a county of opportunity and a good place to live and work. However, there are some significant areas of concern on the horizon that need to be addressed to ensure Hertfordshire continues to thrive in the future.

With this in mind, over 100 key partners from across the county came together at the Hertfordshire Forward Annual Conference 2015 on Tuesday 14 July to discuss how we can work collectively to consider the key issues facing the county in the future: changes in demographics, implications for Hertfordshire of the London Plan etc.

  • What will Hertfordshire look like in 2050?
  • Are we ready for the changes that are on the horizon?
  • What should the partnership be working on together to respond to these changes?

Robert Gordon, Chairman of Hertfordshire Forward and Leader of Hertfordshire County Council, opened the conference and shared the partnership vision for Hertfordshire.

He updated the delegates with the progress made with two partnership projects since the last conference in February 2014: Hertfordshire Skills Strategy developed and underway, ‘Adults with complex needs’ project is now piloting in Hertsmere and Three Rivers. Robert went on to talk about Hertfordshire in the context of the new Government.

The conference also heard from four speakers looking to set the scene, raise the issues and stimulate discussion about society and community, long-term economic plans for the future,environmental challenges ahead and growth and place making. The presentation slides with notes can be seen here:

Society and Community from Ruth Harrington, Head of Community Wellbeing, Hertfordshire County Council

Long-term economic plans from John Gourd, Chairman of Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Environmental issues from Kenneth Grant, Chairman of Herts and Middlesex Country Land and Business Association

Growth and place making from Mandy Perkins, Chairman of Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Planning Partnership (HIPP)

As well as networking opportunities delegates worked together to offer solutions for an enhanced partnership approach to:

  • How we create strong, cohesive and safe communities
  • How we sustain a resilient economy
  • How we ensure growth is well managed and sustainable
  • The leadership for managing the changes
  • What should the partnership be working on together to respond to these changes


This was a key opportunity for senior elected members, board members, chief executives, senior officers and policy makers to shape thinking on these key topics.


This conference is the only pan-Hertfordshire Forum where all key statutory, voluntary and commercial interests in our County can get together and consider the issues of the day.

A report on the solutions, suggestions and ideas will be presented to the Hertfordshire Forward Strategy Group to consider and progress.


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