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Hertfordshire County Council


Internships, traineeships and work experience

Make your first step into the world of work with our internships, traineeships and work experience opportunities.

Internships, traineeships and work experience

Work experience

We have lots of different services that offer work experience opportunities to 14-19 year olds through our YC Hertfordshire team.

Want to spend some time with us to find out what we do and gain some key working skills? Get in touch with your school’s Careers Co-ordinator or email for more information.

Adult social care traineeships

We're looking for young people who are passionate about people and thinking about getting into adult social care.

Our traineeship will provide you with practical experience and knowledge into what it's like to work in adult social care. You'll be a valued, trusted part of the team, helping senior staff provide basic day to day care and support people to be independent.

The programme lasts for 12 months, starting in September. We'll give you a contract, £110 per week and 6 weeks paid holiday.

You'll also get a:

  • BTEC Level 1 Award in ‘Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care’
  • BTEC Entry Level Award in ‘Health and Social Care’
  • Level 1 Certificate in Health and Social Care

You'll be closely mentored and supported throughout the programme. At the end of your contract, we'll support you to progress to a Level 2 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship, get a job or help in getting extra social care qualifications.

Who we're looking for

This programme is for young people aged 16-24 who have a real interest and passion for care and looking after others. There are no other entry requirements.

How to apply

Email or call 01438 843269 for more information.




Support if you have a disability

If you have a disability or mental health issues and are finding it difficult to access employment, you might be able to get extra help to apply from Work Solutions