Hertfordshire County Council launches its new website

You are looking at Hertfordshire County Council's new website.

It's a work in progress and we'll continue to add new pages and services over the coming weeks and months.

Currently the new pages are:

This new website will run alongside our old website – www.hertsdirect.org – at first and people will be able to switch between them.

Linking back to the old website

This website links back to the old one in places where new webpages aren't yet available.  New pages will continue to be added over the coming weeks and months. 

Once we're confident that the new pages are working well, content on the old website will be removed.

Tell us what you think

Let us know what you think of this website by using the smiley faces at the bottom of each page.  Your feedback is super important – it helps us to make this website better.

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