Year of Volunteering 2016-17

Hertfordshire is launching a year-long campaign to promote the benefits of volunteering and to celebrate the contribution of those who volunteer already. The launch will take place at the Herts County Show on 28 and 29 May 2016, so look out for our stall!

The Year of Volunteering is all about:

  • Boosting the number of people taking part in volunteering activities across Hertfordshire

  • Celebrating the contribution of existing volunteers towards making a difference in their local area

  • Demonstrating that Hertfordshire has a strong sense of community and its residents are proud to volunteer

  • Demonstrating the contribution of volunteering towards improving health and wellbeing, contributing to the prevention of isolation and mental health problems, and supporting individuals in both their personal and career development

Often, it is those closest to the problem that come up with the best solutions. We believe that the residents of Hertfordshire know what’s best for themselves and their communities. As such, we want to build on existing networks of support to encourage more volunteers to get involved and tackle local issues together, as well as recognising the efforts of existing volunteers.

Looking for an opportunity to volunteer in your local community? Take a look at our volunteering opportunities.

Do you know a member of the community who has a strong involvement in volunteering and would be happy to share their story? Get in touch with We want to share as many local case studies as possible to champion the benefits of volunteering.