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Our autumn 2017 issue includes:

  • Tributes to Leader of Hertfordshire County Council, Robert Gordon.
  • How to see if you're eligible for new early education and childcare options.
  • Details on how Hertfordshire is growing with at least 91,000 new homes and 92,000 new jobs planned over the next 15 years.
  • News about the fantastic new services available in our libraries.
  • Details of how you can now celebrate your marriage ceremony anywhere in the county.


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Online back issues

Summer 2017

Horizons summer 2017 issue (PDF)

Content includes:

  • Your new county councillors
  • "A day in the life of the county council" – a graphic of some of the things we do across the county each day.
  • Avoid the queue with new webcams at waste recycling centres
  • How children can get involved in this years summer reading challenge

Spring 2017

Horizons spring 2017 issue (PDF)

Content includes:

  • your new state-of-the-art library in Hemel Hempstead
  • volunteers making a difference
  • "Where your money goes" – a graphic of some of the things we do across the county every year
  • From rubbish to riches – what happens to your recycling?

Autumn 2016

Horizons autumn 2016 issue (PDF)

Content includes:

  • our highways spruce up and tackling fly-tipping
  • Hertfordshire's top rated schools
  • the faces of volunteering in Hertfordshire
  • latest transport news from around the county
  • how to stay healthy this winter.

Summer 2016

Horizons summer 2016 issue (PDF)

Content includes:

  • MBE mother who has fostered more than 100 children
  • Jason Taylor's cycle from London to Paris raising money for the Firefighters' Charity
  • Our year-long campaign to raise awareness about mental health

Spring 2016

Horizons spring 2016 issue (PDF)

Content includes:

  • Improvements we're making to children's services and schools
  • Preparing young people for the world of work
  • Way's to save energy and money

Autumn 2015

Horizons autumn 2015 issue (PDF)

Content includes:

  • Reducing fire risks for old people
  • Careers in care
  • Monica Yianni talks about being a Member of Youth Parliament for North Herts

Summer 2015

Horizons summer 2015 issue (PDF)

Content includes:

  • MBE mother who has fostered more than 100 children
  • Plans to improve children's social care in Hertfordshire
  • Bringing the library home

Spring 2015

Horizons spring 2015 issue (PDF)

Content includes:

  • Success in the science sector
  • Smoke-free cars and homes
  • Protect yourself from scams

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