A new way of helping families in Hertfordshire

Published: 25 Sep 2017

Hertfordshire County Council’s Cabinet today (25 September) approved plans for a new model of delivering children’s centres, health visiting and school nursing services in Hertfordshire.

These services are highly valued by residents and over 1,000 responses were received to the public consultation, with the majority of respondents agreeing with the proposals.  

Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Teresa Heritage, said: “We want every child to have the best start in life. We already deliver good services for our local families through children’s centres, but this new model is a great opportunity to streamline and improve these whilst offering the exciting opportunity to work more closely with health visitors and school nurses.

“The new service will enable us to extend the age range of the children who can access family support up to 19 and increase the support for parents of children with SEND and those affected by mental health.

“We will continue to provide high quality services locally to all families and ensure that the needs of our most vulnerable children, young people and families will continue to be met.”

Cabinet Member for Public Health, Richard Roberts added: “We are confident that this new approach will enable us to be more joined up.

“Through the new Family Centres, we are bringing the skills of our public health nursing teams together with our family support professionals so that we can work more flexibly and improve the way we support families.

“Family Centres will also run well baby clinics where appropriate, so that families can access a range of services in one place.”

The Council will now move forward with the next stage of the process to create a better service for families.

For more information about the new Family Centre Service visit: www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/familycentreconsultation