A602 Improvements Update

Published: 16 Oct 2017

A temporary T-junction allows the Contractor to build new enlarged roundabout at Wadesmill Road/A602.

Contractors working for Hertfordshire County Council on the A602 Improvements project have created a temporary T-junction on the A602 at Wadesmill Road. The main contractor, Jackson Civil Engineering, needs the space to create the new higher capacity roundabout that is part of this multi-million pound improvement programme.

This new arrangement was introduced on Saturday 7 October and will be in place for six to eight weeks. The county council, working with the police, considered several options for managing traffic during the works. These included temporary traffic lights, but experience has shown this would cause major tailbacks on the A602. Instead a system including the temporary closure of Anchor Lane and the creation of the temporary T-junction was agreed to be the best option.

Since Monday it is clear that traffic speeds on the A602 are causing a safety concern for motorists and long tailbacks have formed at peak times on Wadesmill Road. As a result the county council has instructed Jackson to make changes to the traffic management including a temporary speed limit through the roadworks. This and other changes will improve the operation of the junction and make it feel safer. However, it is likely that at peak times it will continue to be difficult for traffic on Wadesmill Road to get onto the A602 until the new roundabout is ready to be opened to traffic.

Ralph Sangster, Cabinet Member for Highways, said “We understand the frustration that motorists feel when delayed by road works. We have listened and reacted to safety concerns and would like to thank those who contacted the council. Inevitably there will be delay and disruption to traffic in the area while the new junction is being built, but I am confident that it will be worth it in the long term as the new roundabout will be a significant improvement on what was there before.”

Further information and details of work schedules, road closures and up to date news can be found on our website www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/A602

Questions or concerns regarding these specific works can be answered by email: a602improvements@hertfordshire.gov.uk  or telephone 0300 123 4047