Awards for people at the HEART of the community

Published: 20 Nov 2017

The achievements of Hertfordshire County Council’s community protection staff were recognised at the eighth annual HEART awards on Friday 17 November.

The awards highlighted the contributions to community safety made by Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Hertfordshire Resilience, Trading Standards and the County Community Safety Unit, as well as partner agencies.

Darryl Keen, Director of Community Protection and Chief Fire Officer, said: “It was a real privilege for me to be presenting the HEART awards for the first time this year and to be able to personally thank the people working day after day to keep Hertfordshire residents safe.

“People working in the Community Protection department work tirelessly to make Hertfordshire a safer place. While much of our work is now preventative, there are times when our staff risk their own safety for the sake of others and I’m extremely proud and thankful for everything they do to keep Hertfordshire residents safe and to respond to emergencies when they occur.

“The standard of nominations gets higher every year, and while all the nominations were excellent, the chosen winners were well deserved.

“I would like to congratulate all of the nominees for their continued hard work and I look forward to seeing them celebrate more successes in the years to come.”

Terry Hone, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said: “The HEART awards are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the excellent work that is taking place across Hertfordshire and to thank those who have been involved. Everyone who was nominated for an award has made a huge contribution to their community and they should all be very proud of their achievements.”

The awards were made possible by our event sponsors, APB Mobile Installations Ltd and Capita, as well as our award sponsors, who provided funding to ensure to ensure the work of our staff was recognised.

The Heart Award winners for 2017 were:

Community Safety Initiative of the Year (Sponsored by Fireblitz)

The Safe and Well Project Team

The Safe and Well Project Team – Cicely Scarborough, Kristy Thakur, Frank Gollogly and Mike MacGregor – successfully rolled-out Safe and Well visits across the county following a successful pilot last year. This project has brought together Community Protection, Public Health and Adult Care to ensure that some of the most vulnerable Hertfordshire residents have received home visits that help them to remain safe, secure and healthy in their own homes.

Innovation of the Year (Sponsored by Sprue Safety/Fire Angel)

Hemel Hempstead Green Watch

Hemel Hempstead Green Watch, won this award for their Christmas driving campaign. Just prior to last Christmas members of Green Watch came up with the idea of a video to encourage responsible driving habits during the Christmas period. Without any professional support they recorded their own version of Shakin’ Stevens ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ to promote safe driving messages and included footage of them tackling a road traffic collision. The video was viewed, in one form or another, over 1 million times showing that it’s not just professional musicians that can make a hit.

Most Successful Partnership Initiative (Sponsored by Capita)

Scams Awareness Partnership

The Scams Awareness Partnership, which brought together Adult Care Services, Libraries, Trading Standards and the Police to run scams awareness roadshows in libraries across the county this summer. These events have helped raise awareness of the types of activities that, unfortunately, the most unscrupulous of people use to target vulnerable residents in our community.

The Martin Graham Trophy for Outstanding Sporting Achievement (Sponsored by APB)

The British Firefighter Challenge Team

Hertfordshire took a strong team consisting of Michael Joseph, Rob Budge, Tara Kirkham, Rolando Rivas, Terry Funnell, Scott Herdman and Matt Yapp to the 2nd British Firefighter Challenge that took place at De Montford University in July. The team had to compete in various endurance challenges and everyone achieved medals in the various categories of individual and team events that they entered. Terry, Scott and Rob also collected the Award that bestowed the title of Fittest Fire Service in the UK on Hertfordshire!

Community Award (Sponsored by Reynolds Catering Supplies)

East Herts Police and other agencies for Operation Stomp

This Police-led initiative has brought together a wide range of agencies to provide advice on fire safety, crime prevention, personal safety and health and wellbeing to vulnerable members of the community in East Herts. A recent event in Bishop’s Stortford visited 700 homes and gave information packs to 500 residents.

Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Award (Sponsored by Angloco)

Watch Commander Jim Attenborough

Jim has been the driving force behind Hemel Hempstead’s carbon reduction efforts which have been the catalyst for a change in attitudes towards the environment and climate change amongst his colleagues which has spread across the Service. Jim is a driving force within the Community Protection Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Group and is regularly championing changes that can further the county council’s carbon reduction efforts, and he has steadfastly refused to be swayed by the now rapidly dwindling group of naysayers.

Star of Stars (Sponsored by Airwave)

Tracey Folds

Tracey is a home safety technician working in the Herts Home Safety Service Team. He won the ‘You Are a Star’ award for his actions in helping a vulnerable service user who fell and hit his head during a home visit. Tracey went well beyond what is usually expected and did all that he could to ensure he left this particular Hertfordshire resident feeling substantially less vulnerable at the end of his visit.

Retained Station of the Year (Sponsored by Emergency One/Clan Tools)


Tring, whose crew have taken on a variety of extra responsibilities , including water rescue and becoming the first on-call station in the county to take part in the co-responding pilot. Six crew members have also joined the FSOT team. Despite these additional demands, the station has maintained a high-level of availability and scored top marks in the recent station audit.

Wholetime Station of the Year (Sponsored by Capita)

Baldock and Letchworth

Baldock and Letchworth Fire Station are two years in to the Day Crew Plus duty system and they are showing just what a difference they can make. The crew consistently meet the high standards set by the Service and deliver an impressive range of community safety activities, working closely with partner agencies to keep the people of North Herts safe. This is also whilst maintaining a high level of operational competence and delivery.

Team Performance of the Year (Sponsored by APB Mobile Installations)

The Trading Standards Food and Intellectual Property Team

The Food and IP team carry out a very wide range of investigations designed to protect the residents of Hertfordshire. They tackle rogue traders, investigate illicit or illegal tobacco and alcohol, and keep an eye out for counterfeit goods. They also play an important role in ensuring the quality and safety of our food all the way from the farms that produce it to the retailers who sell it.

Employee of the Year (Sponsored by APB Mobile Installations)

Adam Laycock

Adam is a long serving watch commander based at Stevenage Fire Station. He is committed to delivering high quality community safety activities around the district and has done much to provide targeted youth engagement activities that encourage young people to live healthy and safe lives. Adam is also highly respected for his operational skills and is a role model for many up and coming managers. However Adam is also nominated for the outstanding operational command skills he demonstrated as officer in charge of the first fire engine to arrive at the Newgrange care home fire. Faced with a serious and well developed fire, Adam made the crucial decisions that led to the successful rescue of over 30 vulnerable residents. There is no doubt that had Adam not made the decisions, and taken the actions he did on that fateful morning in April many more lives would have been lost.