Be inspired on No Smoking Day

Published: 07 Mar 2019

National No Smoking Day takes place on 13 March 2019 and Hertfordshire County Council is taking the opportunity to remind everyone that free support is available to help them quit.

Hertfordshire resident Vivian O’Reilly had been a smoker for over thirty years when she approached Hertfordshire's Stop Smoking Service for support. She said: “I absolutely feel that the stop smoking service has helped me to quit."

She went on to explain: “I really didn’t want to be smoking at 50 but also I had a bit of a scare; I was worried about a lump in my throat. I told myself that irrespective of the results it was enough to make me do something. Everything was fine happily, but I booked an appointment at the stop smoking clinic.

"I really surprised myself, I haven’t fallen off the wagon at all and my willpower isn’t the best usually.

“I am now an ex-smoker and I’m not going to waver. I do feel better in myself; I can breathe better and now I walk up the stairs.

“You will never be more proud of yourself than when you look back after those first couple of months. It’s not easy but the sense of achievement with each month is massive.”

Cabinet Member for Public Health and Prevention, Tim Hutchings, said: “Smoking rates in Hertfordshire are the lowest they have ever been at 12.7 per cent, lower than the national average and an encouraging picture for the county.

“However the fact remains that smoking is still the biggest cause of death and ill-health in the country.

“We know that there are many smokers who want to quit, so we urge anyone who wants to give up to get in touch.”

Through Hertfordshire’s Stop Smoking Service you can to talk to a trained adviser and benefit from expert face-to-face advice. The Service also supports people to quit using e-cigarettes, which are 95 per cent safer than smoking tobacco as well as being cheaper than conventional cigarettes and generally cheaper than other nicotine containing products.

Simply text SMOKEFREE to 80818, call 0800 3893998 or visit: