Big plans for Hertfordshire's bus network get go ahead

Published: 07 Feb 2020

Ambitious plans to improve Hertfordshire’s bus network are set to go ahead after county councillors approved plans to form a new enhanced partnership with bus companies, and a raft of highway improvements to improve bus reliability.

The new Intalink Enhanced Partnership will see bus companies and local authorities working more closely together to improve the bus networks. Key plans for the partnership include giving buses priority on congested roads and measures such as:

• Prioritising bus and coach services in traffic
• Improving the image of bus travel
• Upgrading bus infrastructure
• More closely integrating the bus network
• Making smarter use of data and information

Alongside the Enhanced Partnership, councillors also agreed the A414 delivery plan that includes 24 public transport schemes in towns along the route of the A414, as well as measures to make walking and cycling more practical and schemes to tackle congestion hotspots.

Public transport schemes in the delivery plan include:

• A new bus and coach interchange near Maylands business park in Hemel Hempstead
• Bus priority lanes on the ‘Magic Roundabout’ in Hemel Hempstead
• A bus lane on Cavendish Way in Hatfield
• Improved bus services between London Colney and St Albans
• Improvements to Hertford Bus Station
• Upgrading bus stops across Broxbourne borough

Derrick Ashley, Cabinet Member for Growth, Infrastructure, Planning and the Economy, said: “These plans will help to make sure that bus travel is an attractive and practical option for people trying to get around our county. Many people will still rely on their car for essential journeys but where there are alternatives we want to encourage people to leave their cars behind.

“With 100,000 new homes expected in the county by 2031 we need to make sure we have the infrastructure, including an effective bus network, in place to help us cope with that growth. We need to get people out of their cars if we want to keep the county moving and our economy thriving. That’s why we’re making improvements to walking, cycling and public transport a priority in all our transport plans.”

The new Enhanced Partnership will build on the work done by the existing Intalink Partnership, a unique collaboration between Hertfordshire County Council, bus and rail operators and local districts and councils. It has been established in Hertfordshire for over 20 years. The partnership has been successful in improving the experience of bus passengers and in making public transport a more attractive option by delivering a range of publicity and information, digital communications including a website, mobile ticket app and multi-operator ticketing schemes.