County Cabinet reshuffle announced

Published: 25 May 2018

The Leader of Hertfordshire County Council, David Williams, has announced changes to the Council’s Cabinet including the executive responsibilities for finance and highways whilst placing greater emphasis on meeting the challenges of growth and the delivery of infrastructure across the county.

At a meeting of Cabinet today [Friday 25 May], Cabinet Panels were also established to support the Executive Members with their new portfolios.

As Leader of the County Council, David Williams, will retain strategic oversight for policy, national and regional issues, with a specific focus on the economy and leading for the Council on the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Ralph Sangster, becomes the Executive Member for Resources and Performance, including finance and the county council’s budget. Ralph will also oversee property and performance management, as well as the council’s trading entities including Herts Catering Ltd and Herts Living Ltd.

Phil Bibby has become the Executive Member for Highways and Environment. Phil will be overseeing the extra investment in road maintenance agreed for the next four years as well as focusing on the county’s response to the increased number of reported potholes in the county, as a result of this year’s severe winter weather.

The Executive Member Portfolio that Derrick Ashley will now be responsible for is Growth, Infrastructure, Planning and the Economy. He will take a lead role in responding to the challenging growth across the county over the next fifteen years – with an expected extra 100,000 homes and 100,000 jobs.

Leader of the Council, David Williams said: “Increasingly we need to be working with public sector colleagues across Hertfordshire to tackle key issues such as housing, community safety, education and the delivery of school places and the pressures on health and care services.

“We also need to be influencing the wider regional agenda – reflecting the importance to Hertfordshire of the key strategic radial transport corridors from London and the important east-west routes that serve the county and link us to neighbouring economic areas.

“Together with our local partners, our aim is to underscore the significance of Hertfordshire to the national economy and secure the necessary investment for critical infrastructure to enable growth that is sustainable and at one with those characteristics that we value about the communities where we live”