County council outlines priorities for Hertfordshire in new Corporate Plan

Published: 13 Nov 2017

We recently unveiled our Corporate Plan 2017-21, which highlights our priorities for the next 12 months and beyond.

Since 2010/11, we have been responding to the financial challenges we have been facing and we have managed to reduce our spending by almost £290 million. Over that time we have also been striving to maintain and improve the services we offer while taking the greatest care of taxpayer’s money.

Alongside this we are seeing increasing demand for our services, with more older people needing our support. The Corporate Plan details some of the prevention strategies we are developing to influence resident’s behaviour in a way that helps prevent, reduce or delay demands on public services while still meeting needs.

The four main priorities in the plan are brought to life through local residents’ experiences and stories, which show how the plan is put in practice.

Reshma’s experience is an example of how we are helping to give residents the opportunity to thrive, by supporting people to maximise their potential and live a full life.

Reshma has Usher Syndrome Type II and is registered blind, and she was referred to Sensory Services for mobility training.

A year after joining Sense, Reshma says she feels like a different person due to the support she receives, and has since raised £2,200 for Sense.

Vicky is a local resident who participated in Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Services (HAFLS) and brings to life the county council’s priority to provide the opportunity to prosper and give residents the skills they need.

Vicky said: “Louisa (HAFLS tutor) gave us invaluable skills to be able to manage things and make us think. I stop now before I do most things and think how can I do things differently? I make myself step out of my comfort zone. The barriers are breaking down bit by bit.”

A further example is Shape Up, a scheme run by Watford FC’s Community Sports and Education Trust which the county council helps to fund, that encourages men to change their lifestyle and get leaner, fitter and healthier.

Steven Atwell, 45, was given the opportunity to be healthy through Shape Up, joining the programme weighing 182kg.

Steven said: “Seven months after starting the programme I am 39kg lighter and my fitness, health and happiness are beyond what I had hoped for.”

Adrian Whyle demonstrates the final priority of the plan, the opportunity to take part.

Adrian makes an active contribution to his area by volunteering as a youth mentor through the county council’s Safe Space programme, which seeks to equip young people with the necessary skills to make informed and positive choices.

One of Adrian’s mentees said: “Over these six months it’s incredible how Adrian helped me get my life back on track and never let me down. He always cares for his mentees and takes a lot of time for them to be here.”

David Williams, Acting Leader of the Council, said: “The four themes of the new Corporate Plan are brought to life every day in Hertfordshire communities. It is incredibly inspiring to hear the stories from Hertfordshire residents that show how we achieve the county council vision in practice.”

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