County council outlines priorities for Hertfordshire in new Corporate Plan

Published: 31 Jul 2019

Hertfordshire is a great place to live and work. The county has some of the best schools and leading businesses in the country, low levels of crime and most of its residents are healthy and well.

As the County of Opportunity, the county council wants Hertfordshire to continue to be a place where people are able to live healthy, fulfilling lives in thriving, prosperous communities.

Hertfordshire County Council recently unveiled its Corporate Plan 2019-25, which outlines the vision and aspirations for the county in the coming years and sets out the key steps the council will be taking to achieve these aims.

The council’s vision for the county is underpinned by the following four ambitions:


  • For everyone to have the opportunity to live in active, vibrant communities.
  • For Hertfordshire’s strong economy to continue to grow, with resilient and successful businesses that offer good employment opportunities and help maintain a high quality of life for all.
  • For everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy a happy, fulfilling and independent life.
  • For everyone to have the opportunity to live healthy lives for as long as possible and to live safely in their communities.

Since 2010, the county council has been responding to the financial challenges it faces, striving to maintain and improve the services offered while taking the greatest care of taxpayer’s money. However, the council must still make further savings of £90 million by 2023.


Alongside this, the county council is anticipating a significant rise in Hertfordshire’s population, which is also ageing and increasingly experiencing long-term health conditions. The result of this is an ever increasing demand on the services the council provides.


By 2031, it is estimated there will be up to 175,000 more people living in Hertfordshire - taking the population to 1.35million. 100,000 additional new homes are planned across the county to accommodate Hertfordshire’s growing population - an increase of more than 20% on the overall number of homes currently in the county. Without action, this growth will place pressures on our existing local infrastructure. The county council will have a key role to play in managing this planned growth, in order to create thriving communities that are fit for the future.


David Williams, Leader of Hertfordshire County Council, says:


“We want to ensure Hertfordshire is a County of Opportunity where our residents can enjoy a good quality of life and can succeed regardless of their circumstances.


“The county council’s vision is brought to life every day in Hertfordshire through the important services we provide to residents across the county. Whether that’s providing vital social care services to disabled children and adults and the elderly, maintaining and keeping traffic moving on our 3,000 miles of roads, our fire service responding to 10,000 emergencies each year or ensuring all our children have a school place.


“There is no doubting the scale of the challenge ahead. Working closely with our partners, we want to ensure growth is managed well, our economy remains strong and vibrant and our residents are able to enjoy happy, fulfilling and healthy lives.

“To achieve this, we know we must continue to transform how we work and find innovative ways to become even more efficient in our delivery of high-quality services that enhance the lives of our residents.”


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