County council responds to Luton Airport expansion report

Published: 27 Feb 2019

Sustainable Transport links to Luton Airport expansion is key challenge from Hertfordshire County Council

Derrick Ashley, Cabinet Member for Growth, Infrastructure, Planning and the Economy at Hertfordshire County Council said: “Like many others who responded to London Luton Airport Limited’s informal consultation last year, we continue to have serious concerns about the impact of aircraft noise on nearby towns and villages. We’re also concerned about how an extra 14 million passengers a year will actually get to the airport without this causing serious problems on Hertfordshire’s roads. With up to 100,000 new homes expected to be built in Hertfordshire over the next 15 years we’re already expecting a 20% increase in traffic on our roads if we don’t take action. We need to make sure that the airport has proper sustainable transport plans that encourage people travelling to and from the airport to use more sustainable options, such as bus and rail. We also need to see robust proposals to deal with potential impacts on the road network.

“In recognition of these potential impacts, we’re pleased that Luton Airport have scaled back their expansion plans and are now planning for 32 million passengers a year. But this is still a very significant increase which, if it goes ahead, could potentially have big implications for Hertfordshire.

“The county council, together with other impacted local authorities, will continue to work with the airport to ensure that the evidence underpinning any future planning application is robust and will be responding to the formal consultation on the proposal that is scheduled for autumn this year. We welcome the potential economic benefits that would come with the growth of London Luton Airport, but we need to make sure that these are shared across the region while at the same time protecting our communities and safeguarding our transport infrastructure from any adverse impacts.”