Cycle lanes removed from North Road in Hertford over safety concerns

Published: 11 Jul 2019

Following a safety review, the county council has decided not to replace the advisory cycle lane markings in North Road in Hertford following the recent resurfacing.

The road was resurfaced at the beginning of June and the cycle lanes were not reinstated when the rest of the road markings were repainted. We have now confirmed that the cycle lanes will not be replaced.

The cycle lanes painted on the sides of the road were too narrow to meet safety standards and did not comply with any cycle lane design guidance. Safety engineers investigated the possibility of widening the cycle lanes to an acceptable standard, but the width of the road, which is limited by the mature trees alongside it, mean that there’s no practical way to widen the lanes.

Phil Bibby, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environment, said: “We’re committed to making cycling a more attractive and practical option, and we are taking action across the county to make cycling easier and safer. In the case of North Road though, our safety engineers concluded that the cycle lanes were doing more harm than good, by encouraging drivers to pass too close to cyclists.

“This won’t put us off looking for more ways to make life easier for pedestrians and cyclists in Hertford, and I hope it won’t put cyclists off using North Road to get around the town. I’d also like to remind drivers that, whether there’s a cycle lane or not, it’s their responsibility to give cyclists enough room when overtaking.”

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