Do you know a cheat on your street?

Published: 10 Nov 2017

Every year millions of taxpayer’s money is stolen by cheaters, which should be used to improve communities in Hertfordshire.

As part of International Fraud Awareness Week (12-18 November) Hertfordshire County Council will be running the ‘Spot the Cheater’ campaign to encourage residents to report suspected cases of fraud.

The ‘Spot the Cheater’ campaign, now in its third year, urges residents to come forward to report empty council houses, fraudulent school admission applications, people subletting their council houses while secretly living elsewhere, and people using Blue Badges for disabled parking that don’t belong to them.

The Shared Anti-Fraud Service, a partnership of six Hertfordshire councils, has prevented over £9.5 million being lost to cheats since it was first established in April 2015.

Acting Leader of the Council, David Williams, said: “We urge people to support their communities by helping to prevent unscrupulous people, stealing from the hardworking and most deserving.”

“We rely on our residents to help be our eyes and ears when it comes to fraudulent activity and since the launch of the Spot the Cheater campaign, we have received over 140 reports.

“For every successful prosecution, it means more money returned to the public purse to improve our community and valuable services required by people in Hertfordshire.”

You can report suspected fraud in the strictest confidence. For information and to report visit or phone 0300 123 4033.