Driving hazard perception film launched for young drivers

Published: 16 Oct 2018

A thought-provoking 360 degree virtual reality film created by Hertfordshire County Council is helping young and inexperienced drivers to understand hazards on the road.

The twelve minute HazardAware360 film is designed to improve awareness of the many possible driving distractions encountered on even a short drive.

Aimed primarily at new and learner drivers, it is useful for all road users including cyclists, passengers and pedestrians to appreciate the sheer volume of information a driver has to continually process and assess while at the wheel. It can be viewed on a screen or via a virtual reality headset.

HazardAware360 supports the annual Learn 2 Live campaign, which this year has reached 7,000 students during its 20 events across the county during September. The roadshow is designed to help young people find out more about road safety and how to develop strategies that could stop them being injured out and about on the road.

The scenarios in HazardAware360 begin slowly, with more hazards and distractions gradually being added. Viewers are first asked to observe each scenario and mentally note any hazards or distractions they feel are significant. Each scene is then played again, with the hazards identified in real-time by an icon.

Phil Bibby, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environment, said: “Young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in road traffic collisions and, tragically, these remain one of the major causes of injuries and death in this age group.

“We know that young people often feel invincible - so this film, together with Learn 2 Live, is designed to help them take on board how important it is to be responsible on the roads.

“Distractions come from all directions outside the car, but also from mobile phones, music and passengers inside it. With the sheer volume of traffic it’s vital to stay focused on driving safely, with full attention on the road.”