Driving home safe motoring messages to young people

Published: 18 Sep 2019

Thousands of school and college students are attending events run by Hertfordshire County Council and its partners to encourage safe road use and reduce the number of injuries and fatalities.


Road traffic collisions are much more prevalent in younger inexperienced drivers and the Learn 2 Live roadshow is aimed at instilling good driving habits from the very outset, along with safe passenger behaviour.


The main identified dangers are travelling too fast, being distracted by using mobile phones, passengers or other gadgets, and risky behaviours such as dangerous overtaking, drink and drug driving and not wearing a seatbelt.


Over the next few weeks, there are 20 planned Learn 2 Live events happening at theatre venues all over the county, with over 7,000 students aged between16 and 17 expected to attend.


Learn2Live is delivered by Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership which includes the county council, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and Hertfordshire Police.


Hertfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and the Environment, Phil Bibby said: “The repercussions of an incident on the road can be enormous, affecting family, friends, colleagues, and those involved, sometimes for a lifetime.


“Incidents on the road remain one of the major causes of injuries and death for everyone, particularly for young people when they embark on travelling independently.


“Our Learn 2 Live events encourage young people of 16 and 17 to think about how they can support themselves and their peers and make this number as low as possible by adopting safer strategies behind the wheel.”


A range of speakers attend each event including a road safety campaigner, members of the emergency services and a survivor of a serious road incident. Each performance is approximately 90 minutes in length and free of charge to all schools and colleges within Hertfordshire.


Independent research has indicated that Learn 2 Live helps to produce a noticeable and positive behavioural change in most young drivers, pre-drivers and passengers as they begin to appreciate the implications of driving and behaving safely.


The young drivers’ link provides more information and an overview of Learn 2 Live, and introduces a virtual reality film / 360o film www.hazardaware360.co.uk/ on driving hazards. Families can also download the free location app what3words – to locate motorists in emergencies as quickly as possible.