Essential traffic re-phasing at Watford junction

Published: 23 May 2019

Hertfordshire County Council Highways is running a temporary trial of new signal timings at the junction of Beechen Grove and Clarendon Road in Watford.

The new traffic light phasing is being trialled to measure the impact on the operation of the ring road in establishing whether an additional green man pedestrian crossing would be a feasible option.

If implemented the new crossing would benefit children and their parents walking to the new school in Clarendon Road, helping to encourage healthy travel choices. It would also benefit pedestrians walking to and from the railway station to the town centre.

Hertfordshire County Council’s Director of Environment and Infrastructure, Mark Kemp said: “We apologise in advance should the pilot cause any delays and would like to assure motorists that any delays will be temporary.

“This trial is crucial in establishing the potential impact on traffic flows of a new pedestrian crossing, supporting the county council’s transport objectives to prioritise pedestrians and helping us make the right long-term choices for the junction.

“We would ask motorists to bear with us during this essential phasing work which is expected to last no longer than 12 weeks. We would recommend allowing more times for journeys during this time.”

The pedestrian crossing would be located on Beechen Grove, between the Baptist Church and the Palace Theatre, to the rear of the intu shopping centre in Watford.

No additional crossing facility will be introduced during the trial, but while the traffic is held pedestrians will be able to cross on the existing pedestrian crossings at Clarendon Road.