Free road closures for VE Day 75 celebrations

Published: 09 Mar 2020

Hertfordshire County Council is allowing free road closures for residents planning street parties and events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Communities hosting events on the weekend of 8 to 10 May must apply for road closure licences by 30 March and can do so online through the county council website (see below link).

For most street parties, Hertfordshire County Council will waive the charge. However, if traffic delays could be caused on a through-road or a bus route, a specially reduced administrative fee may be charged.

VE Day falls on 8 May 2020, marking 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe, when millions of people took to the streets to celebrate peace and mourn their loved ones who had been lost in the war.

Chairman of the Hertfordshire Armed Forces Covenant Board, Cllr Terry Douris, said: “The 75th anniversary of VE Day will be an opportunity for Hertfordshire residents to celebrate and reflect upon the enormous sacrifices our loved ones, friends and neighbours made to achieve peace in Europe.

“We would encourage communities to mark this unique milestone by joyously celebrating the end of this terrifying and bleak period in our history, just as they did 75 years ago.

“Hertfordshire County Council is pleased that communities may be organising street parties and events to make this Bank Holiday Weekend one to remember, and to commemorate the sacrifices made by the many who died to provide the freedoms we enjoy today.”

To find out more, and to apply for a temporary road closure order, visit:

The county council would love to share its residents’ photographic memories of World War Two in commemoration of VE Day 75. If you would like to share photos and stories of relatives or friends whose sacrifices and efforts in the war led to that momentous day, please share on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can also share your photos of the events and street parties you hold on VE Day 75 via the same channels which can be accessed via our website –

For more information about how you can get involved in this event, visit: or for the latest social media news use #VEDay75 and #VJDay75