Gritter Competition proves that Hertfordshire is full of witty blizzard wizards

Published: 12 Dec 2019

There’s no business like ‘snow’ business, as shown by Hertfordshire County Council in its Name the Gritter competition, which has proved to be a sliding success.

Taking part on the county council’s website, social media channels, their highways team and through local newspapers, Hertfordshire residents have coined a host of clever names for 25 of the fleet of 58 gritters.

Bright sparks used their pun-tastic wit to come up with the winning names for the winter vehicles, ranging from Gritter Thunberg to Alexander the Grit and pop stars Melton John and Spready Mercury.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service's new puppy Thor was chosen as an apt winner, whose wintery-related name will be emblazoned on the gritters in the New Year, along with the other 24 winning names.

Anthony Boucher, Hertfordshire County Council’s Assistant Director of Highways Operations, said: “Our Name the Gritter Competition has been a huge success with such a host of clever and witty suggestions which have been fantastic fun.

“The winning names are sure to spread some joy to residents when our gritters are out and about this winter. Thank you to everyone who took part – we look forward to seeing your names on our vehicles.”

As well as six names selected from the county council’s website and social media platforms, nine local newspapers entered the competition, with winners selected for not only their wit and humour but also for their more meaningful names after loved ones.

The winning entries on social media were selected via a World Cup-style selection, with voters selecting their favourite names.

Each winning name will be painted on the side of a gritter in January 2020 and the winning entrants will have the opportunity to have their photo with their named gritter.