Helping families get off to the best start in life

Published: 14 Mar 2018

Hertfordshire County Council is delighted to announce it will be providing a new Family Centre Service across Hertfordshire in 2018, bringing together Children’s Centres, Health Visiting and the School nursing service to deliver a shared ambition for families from pre-birth though to 19 years to have the best possible start in life and throughout childhood.

Following a successful tendering process, Hertfordshire County Council is delighted to announce that Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust has been awarded the contract for Health Visiting and School Nursing Service (Public Health Nursing, pre-birth to 19 years) and Barnardo’s Services Limited, One YMCA and Hertsmere Leisure have been awarded the Family Support Contracts (pre-birth to 11 years).

Richard Roberts, Cabinet Member for Public Health, said: “We are bringing the skills of our public health nursing teams together with our family support professionals, so that we can work more flexibly and improve the way we support you and your family.”

Teresa Heritage, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “We want to help all Hertfordshire children and families to get off to the very best start in life.  Our new family centres will build on the success of our children’s centres, and help deliver services that will make a real difference.”

Hertfordshire County Council is fully committed to continued delivery of these highly valued and effective services and has awarded the Family Centre Service contracts for a six year term, allowing the service to develop and deliver services across Hertfordshire that support children, young people and their families to achieve their full potential.

The new Family Centre Service will deliver an accessible, county-wide service to families, delivered as flexibly and locally as possible, allowing families to access services from one place as much as possible.  Family Centres in Hertfordshire will be open to all families with children whilst still offering additional support to those in greatest need.

The service will be operational by autumn 2018.