Hertfordshire's £3m highways makeover is almost complete

Published: 07 Mar 2017

This year Hertfordshire County Council has invested £3m in a one-off programme to make sure our highways are not just well-maintained but they look good too.

As well as the routine work that goes on each year to maintain the county’s roads, we have carried out jobs that are not always a priority but still make a difference.

Since the work started last summer, crews from our highways contractor, Ringway, have gone the extra mile not just to reach but to exceed the targets set.

The programme of works will be complete at the end of March and key jobs done include:

• visiting 86,000 road signs and cleaning, repairing, replacing where required
• clearing 14 miles of ditches
• trimming 94 miles of hedges
• refreshing 559 miles of white lines
• digging out 2,300 roadside drains

As well as these core tasks identified at the beginning of the project, the teams have also:

• investigated drainage issues in 120 locations and carried out 26 drain repairs
• cleaned 33 brick-paved roundabouts
• repaired more than 200 metres of pedestrian guard railings
• sided out 23km of pavement and 8km of road to return to their full width

Terry Douris, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “Hertfordshire County Council maintains more than 3,000 miles of roads – which are among the busiest nationally – so keeping our roads moving and in good condition is a big job.

“It’s important to our residents that we have well-maintained roads and footpaths in the county and I’m delighted we have been able to go above and beyond that this year. This spruce-up will help to make Hertfordshire a more attractive and safer place to live, work and visit and a county residents can be proud of.”

Engineers began the project last spring by creating video surveys of the county’s roads to identify jobs that needed doing. Since then crews have visited everyone one of Hertfordshire County Council’s road signs. Where required they have cleaned, mended or replaced signs or highlighted those for future repair. They also repainted road markings and cut back areas with significant overgrown roadside vegetation. They also improved drainage by clearing gullies and ditches of debris and fallen leaves.

As well as roads, Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for the maintenance of more than 3,000 miles of footways and cycle paths, 110,000 street lights, 680 sets of traffic lights, 165,000 roadside drains and 1,800 bridges and other structures.

For more information about roadworks taking place in Hertfordshire visit www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/roadworks