Hertfordshire's gritting crews worked around the clock this winter to keep the county moving!

Published: 07 Mar 2018

Hertfordshire County Council’s winter crews have been kept busy this season making a staggering 83 gritting runs to keep the county’s roads safe and moving. They spread 24,000 tonnes of salt and covered a distance of nearly 200,000 kms – that’s equivalent to nearly five times around the world!

The winter team and the 58 gritting vehicles were on call around the clock at the four gritting depots around the county, ready to spring into action during the cold spells.

Ralph Sangster, Cabinet Member for Highways said: “We are proud of the great work our team does each year to help minimise the impact of icy conditions and keep people as safe as possible on our roads. Getting through a British winter means being prepared for everything, from light frost to heavy snowstorms and thick ice.

“The team received a lot of recognition and appreciation from the public for the good job they did. We hope we have seen the last of the snow but our winter service runs until the end of April so our crews will be there again if needed.”

For more advice to help you stay safe this winter, including information on clearing snow and ice from outside your property, to staying safe on the roads. Visit www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/salting for more information.

You can also find out the latest salting decisions by following us on Twitter via #grittertwitter on www.twitter.com/Herts_Highways

To see a map of all the routes we salt when temperatures are below zero visit www.hertfordshire.roadworks.org and select ‘Winter gritting routes’ from the 'Driver Information' menu.