Hertfordshire County Council issues sun safety advice for Sun Awareness Week

Published: 15 May 2018

Hertfordshire County Council’s Executive Member for Public Health has issued sun awareness advice as temperatures look set to rise across the county.

The advice from the county council comes during Sun Awareness Week, a campaign to highlight the dangers of long exposure to the sun and to promote safety when outside.

Executive Member for Public Health, Richard Roberts, said: “Over-exposure to the sun’s rays can cause serious damage to your skin, and getting sunburnt increases your risk of skin cancer.


“The best way to protect your skin is to wear sun screen. You can also make sure to wear a hat, or cover your skin. Simple measures like this can save your skin from harmful and painful damage caused by the sun when over-exposed.


“Children are particularly vulnerable to skin damage and parents are urged to send their children to school with hats and sun cream that would provide protection for the whole day.”


Liz Winter, a mother of one from Hatfield, said applying sun cream on her daughter’s skin before school is a necessity during summer months adding, “I treat sun lotion like an addition to the school uniform. Our school insists on sun hats and sun cream, and quite rightly as the children will be exposed to the sun when playing in the playground.”


The county council’s trading standards team have also given their advice for choosing suitable sun protection products; urging consumers to be aware of the protection values when purchasing sun lotions to check that it has both a UVA protection value (indicated by a star rating or circular UVA symbol) and a sun protection factor (SPF rating) relating to UVB rays. Greater protection is offered the higher the SPF number and the greater the number of stars.


The advice from the trading standards team is that consumers should treat all claims of protection as an indication rather than an absolute and should be aware that no sunscreen product can provide 100 per cent protection against hazardous UV rays.