Hertfordshire County Council: New Leader outlines continuation for the County of Opportunity - East Herts

Published: 22 Nov 2017

David Williams has been appointed as the Leader of Hertfordshire County Council.

Speaking at his first Full Council meeting, after being unopposed, he thanked Members for their support and said: “It is a huge honour to be your choice to lead this council and a privilege to serve the people of Hertfordshire.

“I will work hard to match the passion and dedication that Robert Gordon exemplified during his ten years as Leader and his untimely death in October. His defining legacy of Hertfordshire as the County of Opportunity is something I intend to continue taking forward; supporting council officers to deliver services to our residents that meet their expectations.

“A key priority is the need to deliver infrastructure to support the growth that’s planned for the county – and in particular those areas where we have direct responsibility, such as schools and roads. We need to plan for some 100,000 new homes and 100,000 new jobs in Hertfordshire over the next fifteen years. We also need to take a positive approach to influencing the delivery of housing that addresses local need and helping to secure and deliver supporting infrastructure.

“None of this can be achieved alone and we need to work even more closely with our local and national partners to advocate on behalf of those who live and work in Hertfordshire. We must ensure that the growth works for everyone and that any new development is co-ordinated and properly thought through. I intend to work with colleagues from across the political spectrum, to take forward a partnership approach with district, borough, town or parish councils, private sector developers and other public sector partners such as the NHS, Fire and Police.

“This is not a fresh start and I am immensely grateful for my predecessor, as well as my existing Cabinet colleagues and senior officers who show their expert calibre on a daily basis. I am also very grateful for the experience of Teresa Heritage as the Deputy Leader and am pleased to have her on board with many complementary skills”.

Cllr Linda Haysey, Leader, East Herts Council, said: “I would like to congratulate David Williams on his appointment as Leader of Hertfordshire County Council. We welcome his plans to focus on the growth opportunities across the county, including those in East Herts, over the coming months, and his commitment to support future developments with the right infrastructure for our residents. We look forward to working with David and his team at this crucial time for both of our councils.”