Hertfordshire County Council picture sales come to an end

Published: 24 May 2019

Over 450 artworks owned by Hertfordshire County Council have been offered for sale to the public at Cheffins Fine Art Auctioneers over the last three months.


The county council decided to sell works from the post-war School Loan Collection as the service had become less relevant to the evolving curriculum. The council also no longer had the resources to properly conserve the pieces in storage, exposing the collection to unideal conditions and risk of deterioration.


The majority of Hertfordshire County Council’s art collection is being gifted to schools, museums and interested local organisations. The Council has also retained a small manageable collection of 167 notable or local important works from their collection. This includes works by notable Hertfordshire artists including John Akers, Rory J Browne, Barbara Hepworth, Mary Hoad, Henry Moore and David Stowe.

The sales have generated a total of £469,282. The County Council has already committed to improving the condition and public visibility of the nationally significant sculptures it holds and investing in the retained collection to improve its accessibility. No further plans have been agreed.

Councillor Terry Douris, Hertfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Libraries and Localism, said: “We have appreciated the interest that buyers have had in the sale of the artworks. Now that the auctions are over, we can look towards the restoration of our retained pieces, and improving accessibility for the public so that everyone can start enjoying these pieces.”