Hertfordshire County Council pledges to reduce plastic

Published: 05 Jul 2018

Hertfordshire County Council is taking a stand against single-use plastics by encouraging staff and residents to reduce the amount of plastic they use this July.

The council has already taken steps to reduce single-use plastics across its main sites by removing plastic cutlery and cups from staff restaurants, and making reusable coffee cups available to staff at-cost. Eventually, disposable coffee cups will be removed from staff coffee shops altogether.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Waste, Terry Hone, said: “We’ve all heard about the massive impact of single-use plastics – not only on ocean life, but in our local environments too. It is incredibly important for us to be aware of this impact, as we want to make sure that Hertfordshire County Council is leading by example in the fight against plastic.

“As part of our campaign to reduce waste at the county council, we are phasing out disposable cups from our coffee bars, and we have replaced plastic cutlery with metal and single use water cups with beakers at our staff restaurants. We want to make sure we practise what we preach when we ask our residents to consider reducing the waste they produce at home and at work – especially single-use plastics.”

There are many simple changes we can all make. Follow the Waste Aware Facebook page for tips and ideas throughout July.