Hertfordshire County Council protect its most vulnerable residents

Published: 26 Mar 2020

Hertfordshire County Council is responding to the government call to protect its clinically vulnerable residents by minimising all interaction between those groups and the general public.


These residents are the thousands of people in Hertfordshire who will be getting a letter from the NHS telling them to have no face-to-face contact for 12 weeks, as the virus reaches its expected peak.


The County Council has joined forces with its district and borough councils, local businesses and the voluntary sector, to establish community hubs and provide transport and essential food supplies to over 20,000 of its residents at high risk.


Arrangements are fast coming together and are expected to be operational by tomorrow (Friday March 27).


Richard Roberts, Cabinet Member for Adult and Community Services said: “We have responded to the call from government to protect the health and safety of all our residents. Within a matter of days we have fast tracked our strategy to ensure we are now ready to roll out plans for our most vulnerable residents. We think as many as 20,000 people will need both food and medicine support as we look after them in their period of isolation, which could last as long as three months. We will continue to keep residents updated as we make further progress.”