Hertfordshire County Council to close nature reserve carparks

Published: 08 Apr 2020

Hertfordshire County Council will temporarily close its visitor carparks at the Broxbourne Woods National Nature Reserve this week, as part of precautionary safety measures during the coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak. This closure will also help staff and contractors to focus on more critical services across the county.


Broxbourne and Bencroft Woods will remain open for local visitors and the barriers to the carparks will allow for people to enter arriving on horseback, bicycle or on foot. In addition, Hertfordshire has more than 3,000km of public footpaths and bridleways (the Public Rights of Way). The county council has created a map of these areas which is available to download via a smartphone at www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/row.  Residents are also able to find their local greenspace or nature reserve using www.parksherts.co.uk.


Phil Bibby, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environment, said: “We know that exercise outdoors is important to people’s physical and mental wellbeing, which is why we are keeping our parks open for people who live locally.


“In-line with government advice, residents are reminded to stay home where possible to protect themselves and others from illness. You should only leave your home once a day locally for exercise or other essential trips.”


When visiting the countryside please respect those who live and work there by keeping at least two metres apart and taking the necessary hygiene precautions when you are outside. Once you are back home please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.