Hertfordshire Normandy Veterans wanted for Voyage of Remembrance

Published: 18 Feb 2019

The Royal British Legion has announced plans to take 300 Normandy veterans to France on a fully funded tour to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

The voyage will take veterans who helped liberate France during the Second World War to a series of commemorative events on both sides of the channel, at no cost to themselves.

Terry Douris, Chairman of Hertfordshire Armed Forces Covenant Board, said: “2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings, arguably one of the most remarkable Allied wartime operations from World War 2. The commemorative events planned for this year together with the annual Armed Forces Day in June are an opportunity for us to show support for the Armed Forces providing a much-valued morale boost for the troops, their families and veterans.

“I would be delighted to hear from any of our Hertfordshire residents who are Normandy Veterans and make sure they know about this wonderful opportunity to be part of the ‘Voyage of Remembrance’ organised by The Royal British Legion.

“Hertfordshire Armed Forces Covenant Board works to support the active and retired Armed Forces community living and working in Hertfordshire. This includes raising the profile of the Armed Forces and celebrating and honouring the commitment and sacrifices they have made. We know there are around 36,000 veterans living in Hertfordshire and it is important to us that they feel supported.”

The Boudicca, a 28,000 tonne ship with 462 rooms and the capacity to carry over 880 passengers will depart from Dover on 2 June, 2019. The trip will firstly take in the commemorative events in Portsmouth and Poole before crossing the English Channel and arriving in Normandy, on 6th June, exactly 75 years after the D-Day Landings.

The journey is being funded by the Royal British Legion’s LIBOR grant in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence and Arena Travel.

Priority will be given to veterans who participated in the D-Day Landings, with the remaining spaces allocated to Normandy Veterans via a ballot. Each veteran will be able to bring one carer who will also be fully funded.

Visit the Royal British Legion’s website for more information and to apply for a place on the MV Boudicca https://www.britishlegion.org.uk/community/d-day-75/

The eligibility form must be completed and returned to Arena Travel by Monday 4 March, 2019.

To contact Chairman of Hertfordshire Armed Forces Covenant Board, Terry Douris email Hertfordshire.Heroes@hertfordshire.gov.uk