Improved Daytime Bus Services in & Around Ware

Published: 01 Nov 2017

Good news for East Herts residents and others wishing to visit Ware for daytime shopping and other trips.

The Ware M bus routes (M1 to M5) have been improved thanks to financial support from the Ware ASDA development. They all offer ‘there and back’ shopper services with plenty of time for shopping or other activities in and around the town centre. All services stop at the ASDA store as well as the High Street and rail station and operate six days per week. Hertford, Pinehurst, Wareside and Babbs Green residents also benefit from some of the M services.

Derrick Ashley, Hertfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “I’m pleased that we can fund these useful local bus services using contributions from developers. They’ve been designed to offer a real alternative to driving into the town centre and I hope they will attract more and more passengers, including those who do not drive and may find the uphill walk to ASDA difficult.”

The M route buses serving ASDA run between 9am to 5-45pm Monday-Saturday with the M1/M2 being the most frequent. Why not try these new Ware bus services for your seasonal shopping trips into town.

For more information including full timetables and route maps, visit:
Printed information is also available from Ware Library, Ware ASDA and other local leaflet racks.