Insurance fraudster convicted

Published: 21 Sep 2017

A fraudster was successfully prosecuted for submitting false invoices as part of an insurance scam following an investigation by the Hertfordshire Shared Anti-Fraud Service.

On Friday 15 September 2017, Mr Kevin David Pryor, 49, of 20 Ebble Close, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP218RJ, pleaded guilty at Stevenage Magistrates’ Court to two charges under sections of the Fraud Act 2016.

Mr Pryor, who was of previous good character and had pleaded at the first opportunity, was ordered to pay fines of £615 and £664 in addition to a £66 surcharge. He also had to pay the investigation and prosecution costs of £1,994, bringing the total to £2,539.

The court heard that on 10 December 2016, Mr Pryor submitted an insurance claim to Hertfordshire County Council’s Risk and Insurance Department on behalf of his step-son Ryan Avery who was involved in a car accident.

Mr Pryor submitted a false invoice of £1,335.76 for a company called Mastercars in Northampton which he claimed had repaired the vehicle. A member of the council’s insurance team called the company to verify the invoice. This phone call was taken by Mr Pryor, who worked for the company and falsely confirmed that the invoice was correct and that the ‘customer’ had paid in full by card.

Mr Pryor had in fact created the invoice himself and the vehicle had not been repaired by Mastercars. After more information was then requested from Pryor, he again submitted the fake invoice with ‘paid in full’ written on it. Mr Pryor continued to pursue the claim and failed to inform Hertfordshire County Council that he worked for Mastercars and that the car had not been repaired by the company.

The Shared Anti-Fraud Service conducted the investigation and uncovered the facts. Pryor was interviewed under caution and admitted creating the false invoices.

David Williams, Cabinet Member for Resources, said: “People often think that insurance fraud is a victimless crime but, in fact, it generates enormous costs that are borne by the public. I would like to thank the officers who dealt with this case which once again shows the importance of the Shared Anti-Fraud Service.”

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