Know Your Numbers

Published: 14 Sep 2017

‘Know Your Numbers’ week, the UK's biggest blood pressure awareness event, takes place from 18-24 September and Hertfordshire County Council is supporting the week to flag up the importance of checking your blood pressure.

High blood pressure is responsible for around 60 per cent of strokes and the number of younger adults suffering a stroke is increasing.

However nine out of ten strokes are preventable.

Hertfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, Richard Roberts, said: “High blood pressure has no symptoms – that’s why it’s called the silent killer. 

“So the best way to know if you are at risk from a stroke or heart disease is to have a blood pressure check, whatever your age.

“It’s easy to find a blood pressure station near you and the sooner you know whether you are at risk, the sooner you can take steps to improve your health.  Why not do it this week?”

You can also use the online ‘Heart Age tool’ to find out if your heart age is older than your real age, and discover the simple steps you can take to live more healthily for longer. You can find it at:

To find your nearest blood pressure check station search ‘Know Your Numbers’ online.